Thursday, 20 February 2014

4 years ago i met a guy,he was all i wanted,i felt in love and i new that he is love of my life...after 2 years we got married,after a year he went to visit his sister in australia,when he came back he came totally different,i would asked him honey wats wrong but he wouldn't say anything.After 2 years marriage he dissappeared for 2 weeks,i didnt know where he was for 2 weeks,then he called me from australia to tell me that he got married,i was shocked,he divorced me and i didnt know anything,i remember once he gave me some papers to sign but i didnt pay attention because i had some family problems. he planned everything for a after 4 month ,after what he did to me,he contacted me to tell me that he regrets doing it and he still loves me. i still like him but going back to him is very difficult...what should i do?
As for me...i think she should dump the fool!
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  1. dump the fool, if he could divorce without u knowing, he will kill u without ur with ur brain, open ur eyes... he has gone and discovered that grass is not greener on the other side, and want to come back with the intention that if he can't have the other one he would be better off with the old chick.... run for ur life, pray and trust God...u will be better off without him, u didnt die when he dissapeared, so u'll survive ...

  2. @Anne!!! I really agreed on ur advise dat is d best 2 do...he don't deserve u