Monday, 3 March 2014

This Boko haram menace has to come to an end..are these guys invisible or what?...even after the state of emergency declared last year..this guys are still killing..Na wa ooo!

Terrorists suspected to be Boko Haram members continued their unwarranted destruction of lives and property in Borno State in North-Eastern Nigeria with the gruesome murder of 39 people at Mainok village in Konduga council area at the weekend.

Guardian reports that the insurgents were said to have invaded the village in 16 Hilux Toyota vehicles and motorcycles on Saturday evening, attacking the village from all directions and setting ablaze all houses in sight, including a primary school, with Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and petrol-bombs.
This came on the heels of the declaration by the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saad Abubakar III, that religious extremism and terrorism are common problems that must be confronted frontally in the country to enable the nation chart a new course for development.
Abubakar spoke Sunday during his visit to the Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Jacob Buba, after attending the Alumni Association of the National Institute (AANI) in Kuru, near Jos. The Sultan said: “We have common problems in this country, whether you are a Muslim, Christian or African traditional religion follower.
“It is the problem of extremism and terrorism, of poverty, unemployment, of school children not going to school. We also have the problem of common infrastructure. These are problems that we should come together and defeat.”
And angered by the renewed killings of hapless citizens, the Northern States Christian Elders’ Forum (NOSCEF) has called on the Federal Government to ignore calls from any quarters to dialogue with the Boko Haram sect, arguing that it had become obvious that the sect was at war with Nigeria.
According to a release by its chairman, Elder Olaiya Phillips, “Boko Haram has shown for some time that they are vicious murderers without mercy, compassion or conscience. The atrocity at Buni Yadi in Yobe, where 59 children were butchered in their sleep, shows them for the evil monsters they really are.
Among the slain villagers were 21 women and children, who were burnt in their torched houses and huts, before the insurgents fled. Mainok is 60 kilometres west of Maiduguri, the state capital.
A Mainok resident, Ba Modu Kolo, said in a telephone chat yesterday that the gunmen were chanting God is great in Arabic, before setting the entire village on fire with IEDs and petrol-bombs in an attack that lasted two hours.
He lamented that there were no soldiers to prevent further attacks and killings until yesterday morning, when their patrol vehicles rushed towards the destroyed village.
Spokesman of 7 Division of the Nigerian Army, Col. Mohammed Dole, also confirmed the incident but could not give the casualties. On their part, the Borno Police Commissioner, Tanko Lawal, said that barely an hour after the Maiduguri twin blasts, Mainok village was attacked, adding that over 30 villagers were killed in their houses and huts.
Responding to Abubakar, Buba urged Nigerians not to leave the issue of security to the military and the President alone, but to forge a common front to fight the common enemy. He added: “We are part of Nigeria and if anything touches any part of Nigeria, it touches all of us.
“The sad things that are happening in Nigeria call for concern. We cannot sit down and look at the military alone or the Presidency alone. These are times that call on all of us to put aside whatever differences for the peace of this country.
“It is sad that in a country like Nigeria, young children in schools are being massacred. That is the future of Nigeria that is being massacred. We need to come together, we need to work together.”
NOSCEF stated: “Since they began their campaign of violence, Boko Haram have murdered thousands of people in Nigeria, both Christians and Muslims. They are sucking the lifeblood from our nation – the next generation to take our nation forward to a better future is being cut down before us.
“For Boko Haram, this is just the beginning. For us, these murders must mark the beginning of the end for Boko Haram’s reign of terror. There is no limit to their lawlessness, no cap on their ambition for violence and destruction.
“There must be no hiding place from justice for these terrorists. Their motive is murder; their cause is killing, their dialogue is death. There is nothing to negotiate with them. They will not stop. In the name of peace, and all that is holy, they have to be defeated.”
The forum also argued that stopping them should be collective rather than the Federal Government’s efforts alone, adding: “Defeating Boko Haram is a life and death struggle for our civilisation and for the continuance of our nation itself.
“Every means necessary must be devoted to winning this war against our country. Our President and our government must mobilise the collective strength of our armed forces, not just to prevent further violence, but to defeat the threat Boko Haram poses to our people, prosperity and peace.”
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