Tuesday, 27 May 2014

This drama is just getting better and better...i am sure you all know by now that T.I had a nasty fight with Boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather 2 days ago and it was all because of T.I's wife, Tiny. if you didn't read it Click HERE

Now back to the main topic, Tiny finally opened up on the matter after fans roasted her on social media for not sticking with her man.She revealed T.I was cheating on her.

She said:
I ain’t put that n-gga in sh-t!! U see that n-gga in the media with different b-tches don’t come at me with that sh-t about no pix with a friend…f-ck u & who ever feel like u!!!!
n-cca u should be asking why I put up with him!!! F-ckutambout!!! U been seeing him in the net time after time on f*ck sh*t!!! So f*ck u hoe & how u feel! I can shove that respect up yo a$!!!
T.I also posted a video on instagram clearing up a rumour that he was given a black eye by one of Floyd's Men. He also showed his injured hand in the Instavid. He is heard saying in the video;
What they say? I got two black eyes? Where they at though? These ones I’m looking out of? Is they black, forreal? Damn. Been like that all my life. F-ck my hand up. [laughs] That’s about it.

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