Thursday, 26 June 2014

It was widely reported yesterday that after Meriam was caught the second time, she was released some hours later and she boarded a flight out of sudan. But dailymail reported yesterday that Meriam and her family including her husband have been re-captured and detained.

DM reports;
Meriam Ibrahim faces up to seven years in jail over new offences levelled at her by the Sudanese regime.The mother-of-two was told the devastating news after being detained as she tried to fly out of the African country hours after a death sentence against her was dropped.
Dr Ibrahim, 27, was charged with obtaining a false travel document and giving false information to immigration officials - and banned from leaving Sudan.she is back in a cell with her son Martin, 21, and daughter Maya, one month.

Her husband, Mr Wani is also locked up with them at the Al Sheradee police station in Khartoum after being confronted at Khartoum airport by 40 agents of the feared National Intelligence and Security Services.

On Monday an appeal court overturned her conviction after an international outcry but on Tuesday she and her family were detained again.

What happens next is unclear - Dr Ibrahim has yet to be granted asylum by the US - but so long as she remains in Sudan her life is in danger.

A man claiming to be Dr Ibrahim’s half brother went to the prison in Khartoum the night she was released and, upon discovering she had been freed, flew into a rage and vowed to kill her.

According to CNN, al-Samani al-Hadi, said: ‘The family is unconvinced by the court’s decision.‘We were not informed by the court that she was to be released; this came as a surprise to us. The law has failed to uphold our rights. This is now an issue of honour. The Christians have tarnished our honour, and we will know how to avenge it.’

A post on the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) Facebook page said that its agents stopped Dr Ibrahim because her temporary travel documents had a US visa stamp on them.

The statement said: ‘This was viewed by Sudanese authorities as a criminal violation and a disregard upon which the foreign ministry summoned the US and South Sudanese envoys’.

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