Monday, 23 June 2014

A petition has been launched by some bitter bosnia fans to cancel the world cup match between Nigeria and Bosnia after the referee was spotted celebrating with Enyeama after the match.

There have been negative comments about the referee, peter o'leary's harsh cancellation of Edin djeko's goal in the first half.The petition has since been launched to try and get the game cancelled and the fixture played again.

Read the petition put up on change,

The most of people that watched Bosnia-Herzegovina saw goal scored by Edin Dzeko in 20' minute. The goal was denied because of refferee's command and Bosnia-Herzegovina lost 1:0 vs Nigeria. The goal scored by Nigeria had to be denied because the assistent of the goal made foul and the refferee didn't replied to the foul. We want, The most of the people that watch football to change system of refferees and to change result to 1:1 because the goal was denied, also try to hire professional refferees in World Cup 2014. Over 1 billion viewers saw the goal was denied by Edin Dzeko in 20' minute. We hope FIFA will change some details and change result as well.

Anti-Doping Control:

We want to check Nigerian players, because they might be under dopes and illegal resources for the match, so we need this for proof.
Olowun maje!
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