Monday, 23 June 2014

Comedian Ali baba is one guy i really love (no homo). Apart from being a funny man, he has this creative way of looking at things and life in general. Below is a story he shared recently on his FB page and i urge you to read it. It reminds me of a sufi proverb that goes "Pick up a bee from kindness and you will know the limitations of kindness".
The things that kill generosity are now out numbering the number of kind acts, soooooooo fast.

A photographer, had complained of how he has "been managing a small digital camera and how not owning a modern camera has affected his abilities in turning out good jobs.
 His wife is pregnant, his house rent is due, he just managed to pay school fees for 2 of his 3 children... This job of photography is not like it is again. Technology has made it impossible for anyone not moving with it to run with the pack, if only he could get a good camera... Blah blah blah". And concluded with Oga Ali Baba, I no fit know you make I dey suffer like this.

So I chose the easy way out, gave him one of my Canon 7D cameras that I was still using. With 2 batteries, a wide angle lens and a zoom lens, all in a Canon bag. Asked if he DIDNT mind that I engraved my names on my cameras, he said not at all.

That was in the first week of May.

Out of the blues, last week, I get a call from someone who says some guy was offering him a 7D camera, but he had told the guy to come back and pick the cash.

No long story, DONT know if you know how much a Canon 7D sells for, but I told the guy to buy it from him for me. So the guy came back, and picked up the Money. He had asked for 40k, but the guy drove a hard bargain.

Except for one missing battery, all my stuff came back to me for 20k.

I saw him at the lobby of Eko Hotel, at the Colored Girls stage play. How is your camera, I asked him. He didn't bring it today.

Oh I see.

As they say, the LORD loves a CHEERFUL GIVER. I smiled and walked away.

God is good all the time
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