Friday, 27 June 2014

Football star/Closet Cannibal, Luis Suarez has been a trending topic on social media over the past few days...the fang toothed football maestro bit italian player, Giorgio Chiellini during Italy's world cup match with Uruguay early this week.

FIFA did not let his act go unpunished as they slammed with a four month match ban and a fine of $112,000. The player has not yet spoken on the judgement but his grandmother has...and she is not happy at all.

Mrs. Lila Piriz Da Rosa said her grandson was treated 'like a dog'
"Everyone knows what they've done to Luis. They wanted him out of the World Cup. Perfect, they did it. They chucked him out of there like a dog,"
Piriz, who has 22 grand-children, said football authorities had been watching Suarez from the outset.
"This was on purpose,they had their eyes on him to see what he does. It's barbaric what they've done to him,"
But let me ask...."What is he before?....When he will be biting people up and down on the field of play...infact Dog is an understatement....Vampire or Cannibal sounds better...Mtscheew!

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