Tuesday, 24 June 2014

There was a serious exchange of vicious punches yesterday at the Edo state house of Assembly. This matter is till centered on the four suspended lawmakers.

The lawmakers; Deputy Speaker, Festus Ebea, Patrick Osayimen, Jude Ise-Idehen and Friday Ogierhiakhi were suspended for gross misconduct but according to Ebea, the misconduct in his own case was that he was having secret meetings with people suspected to be PDP members (Edo is an APC state). watch the video after the jump...
In his words "In my case, they said ‘misconduct’ that the Deputy Speaker is always in nocturnal meetings with other people. What is funny about this is that the people that met me, did so in my capacity as Deputy Speaker, in my official residence, not elsewhere".

However , they were handed court injunctions restraining them from the state House of Assembly. Suprisingly the 4 lawmakers arrived at the court house on monday demanding entry.They insisted they were going in despite the suspension and injunction from the courts.

However, one of the suspended lawmakers, Friday Ogieriakhi, insisted that the process was an abuse of court process because “there is a valid appeal against that order; there is an application to state the enforcement of the order and an application to set aside the order.

“All of these processes have not been taken and you are bringing Form 48…this is an abuse of court process”, he said.

He further noted that “until you deal with all the court processes, you cannot be talking about form 48″, he added, “nobody is in disobedience here.”

The State Commissioner of Police, Funso Adebanjo, had said that the Police presence at the venue was to ensure law and order and expressed optimism that the lawmakers would conduct themselves in a law abiding manner.However, the Police Commissioner’s warning fell on deaf ears, as the lawmakers threw caution to the wind and resorted to physical combat.
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