Monday, 30 June 2014

I got this from ISB,

The last has not been heard about Charly Boy’s face -off with the Imo State Government. We read about the public humiliation he gave Governor Okorocha at his father’s burial. We have also read Charly Boy’s explanation on why he decided to storm out of the tribute event by the Imo state government on Wednesday. The drama continues…
We were minding our business on the blog when someone reached out to us with information that the reason Charly Boy acted in the manner which he did at the funeral was because the Imo state government issued a bounced cheque! How is that possible? Anyway, we went sniffing around for information to know what went down behind the scenes. IMO STATE BLOG reached out to both parties whose names will be left out of this report at our discretion and go straight to the gist.
According to a highly placed government official in the state, Charly Boy had initially said he needed about N35 million naira .The request was reviewed and the Rescue Mission came up with N20 million which was made out to the account name they provided. The cheque was presented through the State Attorney General. Later, an additional N5 million naira was given to Charly Boy in raw cash (ghana-must-go). Then what happened to the cheque? Our source said that contrary to the story making rounds, the cheque was in question was cashed.
On the hand, we reached out to an authoritative voice in the Oputa family for comments. Our source declined to comment on the alleged bounced cheque but disclosed that the state government had rehabilitated roads leading to their family home in preparation for the burial.
Meanwhile, we just learnt that the Rescue Mission may be forced to release a copy of the alleged N20m bounced check to the Oputa family. Stay tuned.

May late Justice Oputa continue to rest in peace.
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