Monday, 28 July 2014

Advice!!! Pls if you cannot stomach the pics...don't even try to look at them..they are very stomach unsettling!

These are photos of the dead victims of the alleged massacre of Shiite muslims by the Nigerian army in Zaria 3 days ago(friday).Members of the Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky-led Islamist Movement of Nigeria, the Shiites clashed with the soldiers on friday as they were celebrating what they called "Quds day" as well as demonstrating against military operations against Palestinians in Gaza by Israeli forces.Continue reading and see the pics below...pls you were warned!!

Trouble started as the protesting Shiites were approaching a military checkpoint, the soldiers released warning shots into the air but the shiites defied it and started throwing stones at the soldiers.Eyewitnesses say there was standoff  between the troops and some shiite members. 3 sons of El-zakzaky were killed in the attack.

These images were posted on the Islamic movement website.

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