Thursday, 22 May 2014

Oh my God! Please I beg you if you know you don't have the stomach to see the pics pls just scroll on to other stories.

Popular Kaduna Cleric, Dr Abubakar Gumi shared some very troubling photos of a genocide that occurred in Borno state.
According to him, these young boys that were brutally murdered were civilians. He is asking that the international community intervene and make sure that this heinous crimes do not go unpunished.

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  1. Sure they may be BOKO-HARAM

  2. Did gumi record the one in Bondon, Manchok? It was done by boko Haram. We seek justice too.

    1. Bondon, Manchok is in Southern Kaduna State.

  3. This is photoshop. Those lying down pretending to be dead are ACTUALLY not those buried enmass in the hole. Those being buried appear to be Christians killed by Boko Haram being buried by the army.