Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Nigeria's first private University to experience a student riot, Bowen finally re-opened it's gates to students and staff yesterday, Tuesday 22nd April.Repairs to all damaged properties have begun in earnest. The estimated worth of the damage propoerties and infrastructure is around a whooping N50 million.

However, the university decided to punish the 50 students found guilty of the crime by forcing them to sign an undertaking to wear school uniform and sandals if they still wish to continue with their education in the same university.

In the undertaking, the students were to accept humbling punishments, which include cutting of grass and wearing of school uniforms and sandals like secondary school students.The decision was arrived at due to the intervention of the parents who felt expelling them is not the best option.

Also, all students resuming were made to sign an undertaking not to participate in any form of violence. See it below....

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