Friday, 4 April 2014

Yesterday, March 3rd 2014, witnessed the meeting of 2 great leaders, The queen of England and the catholic Pope.

They both met at the vatican yesterday, talked and exchanged gifts with each other.

The Pope presented the Queen with a priceless gift for Prince George at the Vatican today, although even Her Majesty admitted he is too young to enjoy the elaborate ornament.The orb made from lapis lazuli semi-precious stone featuring a silver cross of St Edward the Confessor was given to Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh to pass on to her heir.
This was accompanied by a manuscript dating back to 1679 proclaiming the saint day of Edward the Confessor.The Pope explained "it's for the little boy" as he handed the gifts over.

Even the Queen had to admit it was not an age appropriate present for her eight-month-old great-grandson, saying: "He will be thrilled with that... When he's a little older."

The ornament - made especially for the occasion - featured an inscription saying: "From Pope Francis to Prince George of Cambridge."

By contrast, Prince Philip, 92, was delighted with his gift from the Pope - three gold medals bearing the Pontiff's face.

He joked: "That's very kind of you, that's the only gold medal I have ever won."

As guests the royal couple did not come empty handed. In a friendly exchange they presented two signed pictures of themselves in silver frames and a hamper of goodies from the Royal Estates.

This included honey, aromatherapy soaps, Balmoral whisky and Grandad's chutney. Pope Francis indicated he would give the hamper to a local poor house.

This was the Queen's seventh meeting with a Pope since 1951, when she was still a princess.

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