Wednesday, 25 June 2014


There is one lesson i have learnt in this life and it is "anything is possible". When i first heard the story of this boy, i thought it was a lie until i stumbled across the video above and pictures, then i knew that indeed, Alcohol has no age limit.

This young boy's name is Cheng Cheng and he is China's youngest Alcoholic. Cheng Cheng first tasted alcohol at 10 months when his father gave him a drop to stop him from crying, little did he know that, that little drop would later manifest into bottles.
Cheng Cheng down his first bottle of beer at the age of one and prefers alcohol to milk. He cries loudly whenever he is denied the beverage and at age 2, he still drinks beer with no noticeable effects (i.e he does not get high). His mother has been having a tough time switching him over to milk as the boy's eyes are always on beer bottles.

The video sparked an outrage and Social services in China are debating to take the boy into care.

Wonders will never end!...What do you think of this..kindly drop comments!

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  1. This is very bad!

  2. This is very bad!

  3. He must have taking after his father. Bad habit for a child.