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This is the dangerous chief Kamorudeen bankole who beat his wife silly for eating a piece of fish.i also have some more pictures from the court sitting on tuesday and there's some more drama to the story. To see the extent of damage this man did to that poor woman's face click HERE

In court, Kamorudeen's lawyer planned to silence media and civil society’s involvement raking top in their agenda.Kamorudeen who was initally begging his wife on hearing of the legal action taken against him, now wore  a tough appearance. According to reports, he had admitted to his wife’s family that he committed the assault and had promised to make restitution, but he later was said to have changed his stance.

According to SH reporters;
At the Badagry Magistrate Court on Tuesday, his lawyer, identified as Mr. Olaleye asked the court to grant his client protection from harassment by media reportage of proceedings and civil society’s involvement in the case. The counsel also alleged threatening text messages were sent to his client.
The presiding magistrate requested presentation of evidences of his claims of harassment or threats, but he gave excuse that he did not come to the court with publications allegedly harassing his client. He also did not present evidence of threatening text messages.
The magistrate turned down his request, citing lack of basis and provisions of extant laws for information reporting.
After dismissing claims of harassment and threats for lack of basis, the magistrate called on the Police and Public prosecutor for charges and findings from their investigations. But the police and public prosecutor said they had no medical report for the victim. They said the victim had come with medical report from a Private clinic, but the police had rejected the report and referred her to a public hospital.
Whereas, public hospitals were closed down due to industrial action by medical doctors. Hence, they would not have any valid medical report for the victim. The magistrate however admitted reports from the private clinic where she had treatment, even as public hospitals were on strike.
When asked what charges were leveled against the alleged offender, the Police IPO said “wounding”.
It was gathered that Mr. Kamorudeen Bankole had initially apologized and promised his wife adequate care and payment of school fees for their children, but his new attitude in court indicates he may have changed his mind and now willing to deny the alleged assault.
Ruling for adjournment on Tuesday, the magistrate ordered transfer of the case file to Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP). The case was adjourned till 24th of August.
Meanwhile, following the adjournment, the Women Arise organization began a protest solidarity song in front of the court. Leading the protesters to call for justice, Comrade Olasunkanmi Somefun, who stood for the President of Women Arise, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin said the organization would stand in for the victim, if she could not stand alone by herself.

Kamorudeen Bankole’s lawyer, Mr. Olaleye

Kamorudeen’s younger brother and a family member in court

Women Arise group standing with the victim, Mrs. Fatima Bankole
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