Monday, 11 August 2014

If you don’t know rex do not know Nigerian music!
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Written by Dondumex

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  1. *If you don’t know rex do not know Nigerian music!*

    In my own opinion, your statement is wrong He died 3 decades ago, if i didn't google his name, i wouldn't know him. You for give little info about the guy so that we will know his relationship with trumpeter.

    Rex Jim Lawson, known as Cardinal Rex, was a singer, trumpeter and bandleader from Kalabari, Nigeria. He became one of the best-known highlife musicians of the 1960s in Africa when Cardinal and his band dominated Nigeria’s highlife scene.
    Born: 1930
    Died: 1969

  2. Don dumex you always hv current info. But not too much awareness about you. Why? Are you always on LIB? Cos I do see ur name.