Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A real nasty couple fight occurred at the Ikeji Magistrate court recently when a man identified as Olufemi ogbiyele attacked and beat up his wife, Bola.

Trouble started that faithful day when a friend of the divorce-seeking couple pleaded with the husband, to settle out of court but the plea fell on deaf ears.Ogbiyele was said to have grabbed the wife’s handbag, while demanding custody of their three children, and beat up the woman to the surprise of court attendants.
A statement by bola's counsel, Barrister Shittu Oladeyinde shows trouble started for the couple in February 2013. he said;

"It actually started on 11 February last year when the woman locked herself up in the children’s room after he beat her up. She then left for her mother’s house afterwards to avoid being lynched.”

he also stated that “another lawyer, Barrister Taiwo and a pastor had met with the husband, asking him to resolve the matter amicably and take his wife home but Ogbiyele agreed to do so on the condition that the wife stopped working, which the woman blatantly rejected.It was after this meeting that the man sent a text message to the wife, asking her to prepare her lawyers for a divorce,”.

While narrating his own side of the story, Ogbiyele told the court that his wife was sleeping with different men when she travelled to the United Kingdom in March 2012.

He further stated that on 12 February last year, his wife slapped him when he accused her of stealing his properties and solicited the support of her lovers to beat him for bringing up such an allegation against her.

The case is still in court and yet to be settled.
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