Friday, 15 August 2014

A Native doctor from ondo state has come out to say that he can cure victims struck by the Ebola virus.Mr Elemigbuwa Tosin in an interview with national daily claims that he has treated the virus in the past and does not recognize it by the name "Ebola".

He said the description and symptoms of Ebola match the rare sickness he treated in the past. He called it “Aisan Ode” in Ondo State’s native Ikale dialect, adding that it is a striking sign of a deity related to the waters called ‘Obaluaye’. He said it was highly contagious and almost incurable.(continue)
Elemigbewa, who is currently in lagos with some of his relief medicine for the Ebola vicitims, says that the government should not underestimate Traditonal healers and that he should be given a chance to prove that he can cure the sickness at least with one patient. He advised doctors against the use of syringe in treating the disease as it worsens the sickness.
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